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Private Jet Media work alongside a network of over 120+ FBO’s globally. We are the exclusive media partners for Global aviation Companies such as Jet Aviation, as well as independents such as Biggin Hill and London Oxford. From Macau to Cornwall. We have one goal and that is to generate non-aviation income for each FBO. This is achieved by placing luxury brand advertising in FBO’s through a variety of media opportunities from billboards, LED/LCD screens, backlit banners, product placements, activations and events. The net revenue we generate from these campaigns goes towards the FBO’s P&L. Our experience of the international travel market stretches back to the mid 80’s as our Founder was the launch revenue partner to Virgin’s onboard ancillary revenue proposition. From this point onwards 30 international airlines joined the business from Pan Am and Air France, to TWA and JAL. The knowledge gleaned from being the exclusive advertising sales office within this specific market naturally progressed to the untapped Private Jet audience. We are proud that we were the inventors of this new industry segment

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The main service we provide to our FBO Airport partners is the generation of passive, non-aviation revenue through the advertising and promotion of luxury brands. In simple terms, we pay FBOs for the advertising placement of high-end jewellery, watches, cars, yachts, fashion, Wealth Banks and other industry sectors that mirror the audience that use the private jet terminals.

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Our company has been working with FBOs very closely for 18 years

If you are interested in learning more about how to generate passive income for your FBO, please get in touch with one of the team and they will be happy to assist you through the process. It costs you and your FBO nothing.

Private Jet Media work alongside a network of over 120+ FBO’s globally