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Private Jet Media specializes in creating and managing luxury contact points in Private Jet Terminals globally from China to the USA and all points in between.

Reach the UHNW and HNW population in at least 20 minutes

Private Jet Media is the only network outside of the USA. We work in every globally important location where influential travellers congregate. With this local, regional and global audience we connect brands through a variety of media opportunities.

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Several years in the industry have given us invaluable knowledge in the field in which we pride ourselves.
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Exclusive advertising sales office since 1999

Our background stretches back to 1999 as an exclusive advertising sales office of the major North American airlines in the UK & Ireland, and actively working with luxury hotel in London and Europe.

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Due to the intricacies of communicating brand values to such an elusive and fragmented audience, the Business Aviation media environment has proven to be an effective addition to the marketing mix. Private Jet Media is using many media opportunities, including billboards, LED screens, backlit banners, product placements, activations and events.

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