Private Jet Media’s core business is to generate non-aviation revenue for FBOs who join the PJM global network.

We become your personal advertising agency

Private Jet Media’s client FBOs receive our advertising placements. Typically a cross section of high-end luxury brands. It’s easy to join and costs nothing – PJM covers all supply and installation expenses.

What we do for FBOs

The main service we provide to our FBO Airport partners is the generation of non-aviation revenue through the advertising and promotion of luxury brands. In simple terms, we pay FBOs for the advertising placement of high-end jewelry, watches, cars, yachts, fashion, Wealth Banks, and other industry sectors that mirror the audience that use the private jet terminals. We provide QR code reading material through our MediaPad product and in some instances have developed retail units.

What we do for FBOs

Private Jet Media creates non-aviation revenue streams for its FBO partners through advertising placements inside FBO terminals. We work with the most well-respected luxury brands from watches and jewellery to private banks and elite property who will pay for advertising. Additionally, Private Jet Media provides its FBO partners with free PR support via our LinkedIn and Instagram channels with nearly 9,000 subscribers in total.

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Our multicultural team has a combined experience of over 100 years in private aviation and the luxury industry. We have offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and we will soon open in North America and Asia to ensure that we are always close no matter where your FBO is located. Since 2004 we have helped hundreds of FBOs generate revenue delivering countless successful advertising campaigns featuring the most respected luxury brands that are part of a 5,000+ contact database PJM carefully built over 17 years in business.

How to start

First, please reach out to any of our team to send you a questionnaire to better understand your FBO and its potential in terms of advertising. Next, we will share our recommendations and what you can expect revenue-wise once your FBO becomes part of the Private Jet Media network. Then, when you are happy to proceed, we sign an agreement, do a site visit (as soon as practically possible) to prepare presentation material and start selling your location to the database of 5,000+ contacts amongst luxury brands and agencies.

How to start

If you are interested in learning more about how to generate income for your FBO, please get in touch with one of the team and they will be happy to assist you through the process. It costs you and your FBO nothing.

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About us

Since 2004 Private Jet Media has been helping its FBO partners create new revenue streams through advertising placements of luxury brands in the private jet terminals. The company grew from a network of five to 120+ FBOs in 17 years. PJM currently has offices in London, Paris, Dubai and Johannesburg, opening more in North America and Hong Kong in 2021 and 2022.

We are trusted by over 120 FBOs globally

With years of doing what we do best, we are always up for a challenge, so no matter how big or small your FBO is, talk to us. We will be keen to help.

What FBOs say about us
Frequently Asked Questions

Having a successful advertising program in an FBO involves a myriad of detail. What type of advertising medium is the most effective, and where is the best location to install it inside the terminal? What size and how many? Those are just a few questions that will significantly affect whether a program makes money or doesn’t. Add to this sourcing and installation of the sites and their maintenance; knowing how to package and present the sites to potential advertisers with whom dozens of phone calls and emails would need to be exchanged, followed by numerous meetings, most of which will still end up in a polite refusal. Can an FBO handle all of these on its own? Absolutely, providing there is a dedicated specialist or, better several within the FBO whose full-time job will be to develop this program. They will also need a good amount of experience and a database of contacts, of course. Alternatively, you can let PJM take care of everything and just invoice us when we sell advertising in your FBO.

Please contact your nearest office, and we will provide you with a step-by-step procedure. It’s that simple.

We never charge our FBO partners for any service we provide.

Whatever we end up working on together you are always in complete control and have the last say at every step of the way. We will never do anything that hasn’t been preapproved this is clearly stipulated in our partnership agreements.

Naturally, this is one of the first questions we are asked by FBOs and one of the most difficult to answer as it depends on many factors out of our control. On average, it takes anywhere between 6-8 months to start seeing the results of the work and investment PJM puts into each new FBO partnership from the day an agreement is signed. It’s important to understand that our goal is to build a long-term and sustainable advertising program – this requires time and patience, as many of our FBOs Partners can attest to. Of course, there are cases when revenue is produced within the first 6-8 weeks. But we always prefer not to overpromise and keep our estimates on a conservative side.

Yes, our team will be keeping you updated on the progress we are making with potential advertisers. We will continually share other ideas that could generate more revenue. And of course, whenever you have any questions, you can always contact us, we usually respond within a few hours.

We offer a service called MediaPad, which is an online collection of hundreds of magazines and newspapers in different languages that your passengers and crew would have access to on their mobile devices whilst in your FBO terminal. We also provide PR support through our Linkedin and Instagram pages with a combined audience of nearly 9,000 followers from the luxury advertising and business aviation worlds. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and have several exciting ones in development, all of which are and will be provided to our FBO partners free of charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to sell advertising directly. We manage all aspects of advertising within your FBO, leaving you time to do what you do best.

Get in touch with us directly and we will setup a call or site visit to progress further.

You have full control over the advertising that goes on in your FBO, as well as the number of sites and their positioning.

We usually say within the first 6 to 8 months. It may be longer unless a client specifically asks for your location.

Yes, our team will be in constant conversation with you during the whole process.

We offer a service called MediaPad which is an online QR editorial network with thousands of newspapers and magazines accessible to all of your clients. We also look to bring free amenities to your FBO through our extensive network of brands and clients.

We will do our best to match their offer or to at least set a clear goal per quarter or annum, that must be met.


We know the value of exceptional quality

Our company has been working with FBOs very closely for 18 years. Our network includes Jet Aviation, Universal Aviation, Jetex, Luxaviation, Harrods Aviation, Sky Services, Aviapartner, Swissport, Biggin Hill, and many more – over 120 FBOs globally.

About us

We provide you with top-notch solutions

Private Jet Media work alongside a network of over 120+ FBO’s globally. We are the exclusive media partners for Global aviation Companies such as Jet Aviation and Luxaviation, as well as independents such as Biggin Hill and London Oxford. From Macau to Cornwall.
We have one goal and that is to generate non aviation income for each FBO. This is achieved by placing luxury brand advertising in FBO’s through a variety of media opportunities from billboards, LED/LCD screens, backlit banners, product placements, activations and events. The net revenue we generate from these campaigns goes towards the FBO’s P&L

Our experience of the international travel market stretches back to the mid 80’s as our Founder was the launch revenue partner to Virgin’s onboard ancillary revenue proposition. From this point onwards 30 international airlines joined the business from Pan Am and Air France, to TWA and JAL. The knowledge gleaned from being the exclusive advertising sales office within this specific market naturally progressed to the untapped Private Jet audience. We are proud that we were the inventors of this new industry segment.

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How to start

If you are interested in learning more about how to generate passive income for your FBO, please get in touch with one of the team and they will be happy to assist you through the process. It costs you and your FBO nothing.

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