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Brands can reach their target audiences through Private Jet Media’s global network of private jet terminals. This is pinpoint media targeting.

Reach the world’s most affluent private aviation customers

Private Jet Media offers a cross section of advertising mediums; including backlit banners, state of the art and purpose-built LED video screens, product placements and more.

What we do

Private Jet Media provides access to affluent business and leisure travellers through a vast network of FBOs or private aviation terminals. Our clients can utilise various advertising and branding options, including large-format backlit banners, state of the art bespoke digital video screens, product placements, events, sales and sponsorships.

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What we do for Brands

Private Jet Media offers brands the ability to access the world’s elite via our global network of private jet terminals. We achieve this by offering a variety of mediums, including Backlit Banners, LCD/LED Video Screens, Product Placements, Non-Lit Banners, and other bespoke offerings.

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Why Private Jet Media

Our multicultural team has a combined experience of over 100 years in both out-of-home media and private aviation. We have offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and we will soon open in North America and Asia. Since 2004 we have delivered countless successful campaigns for the most respected global luxury brands. From watches & jewellery, to fashion yachts & cars to business aircraft and private banks to property developers. These market segments use our extensive knowledge to further strengthen brand values amongst the world’s top 5%.

How to start

Starting the journey to promote your products and services in private jet terminals is simple. Contact our local or regional team with your vision. Amongst subject considerations please consider, specific nationalities, geographical regions or support for a launch or an event. When the campaign will start and for how long? The more information you give us, the easier it will be to prepare a bespoke solution and provide our media availability.

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About us

In early 2000s, our founder James Rolls spotted a unique media channel to target HNWIs who fly privately and are almost impossible to reach through traditional media. This is how the kernel of an idea matured into a specific market solution. We are now the leading OOH agency specialising in creating and managing advertising activities designed to target these affluent individuals.

We are the leading specialist in advertising in Private Jet Terminals

Our global team has over 100 years of combined expertise. We will create and execute a campaign that matches your brand’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

FBO stands for “Fixed Based Operator”, otherwise known as a private jet terminal. An FBO can be a stand-alone terminal with lounges, security and other amenities built-in, or it can be a lounge within a commercial terminal.

Is it all just celebrities and Royals? As well as these demographics, we find a high percentage of businessmen and women, families travelling for leisure onto of sporting teams and anyone else within the HNW/UHNW bracket.

15/20 mins but can be up to a couple of hours in some regions.

Yes, they either sit and wait in the lounges or walk around as you would in a commercial airport.

Minimum a month, we recommend 3 months though.

All advertising sites are placed along the path most walked by passengers, to ensure 100% SOV.

This can be offered depending on the industry. If it’s a watch or jewelry brand, we will usually charge more to the brand if they want exclusivity.

We have a range of standard options such as digital screens, static backlit banners and product displays. Each can be used to complement one another, or they can be used on their own. All are effective to the highest degree; it just depends on what you are wanting to achieve out of the campaign. On top of the aforementioned, we can create bespoke solutions, you just have to ask.

Yes, we have years of data and knowledge to help advise you to the best regions, countries, cities. We can even help you target by nationality.

Yes, the larger the package, the higher the discount. With agency commission, we run off industry standard.

Yes, of course, you can. One of our team will be able to meet you or take you to the terminal of your choosing.

Outside of the US, this is very unlikely as we have exclusivities with the majority of the major FBO groups and independents. Within the US we have various partners that offer a similar service to PJM.

How accurate is it? We use our data partners at WINGX, they track every tail number of every operational jet, globally. We also have great relationships with the FBOs themselves, so they are able to supply us with further information that WINGX cannot, like nationalities etc.

Some Of Our Global Clients


We bring brands to the eyes

Private Jet Media has been working with brands very closely for over 15 years. Bringing brands such as Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, UBS, NetJets, Net-A-Porter and many more, to the eyes of the world’s UHNW population on a global scale.

About us

Creating and managing luxury contact points

Private Jet Media specialises in creating and managing luxury contact points in Private Jet Terminals globally from China to the USA and all points in between. We work in every globally important location where influential traveller’s congregate. With this local, regional and global audience we connect brands through a variety of media opportunities including billboards, LED/LCD screens, backlit banners, product placements, activations and events.

Our experience of the international travel market stretches back to the mid 80’s as the revenue partner to Virgin’s inflight ancillary revenue proposition. From this point onwards 30 international airlines joined the stable of products, from TWA to JAL. The knowledge of being the exclusive advertising sales office lent itself to the natural progression into the untapped audience of the Private Jet market.

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How to start

If you’re interested in reaching the world’s elite through an ever growing and mode of luxury travel, get in touch with one of the team. We are the leading experts in this field and will provide all the insight to help build a bespoke package tailored to your specific needs and wants as a brand.

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PJM history

Starting to work exclusively for the advertising sales office of the major North American airlines in the UK & Ireland, and actively working with luxury hotels in London and Europe.

PJM creates a unique media platform through a network of terminals in London, New York and Beijing. UBS is our first client to do a campaign targeting this niche Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) audience.

PJM creates a unique media platform through a network of terminals in London, New York and Beijing. UBS is our first client to do a campaign targeting this niche Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) audience.

PJM creates a unique media platform through a network of terminals in London, New York and Beijing. UBS is our first client to do a campaign targeting this niche Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) audience.

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